Why Choose Us

7 reasons to choose Animal Medical Centre to care for your pet when having surgery

There are other vets in Launceston so why should you trust your pet to us?

  1. We love our own pets. We know you love your pet very much. Our philosophy is that we will look after your pet as if it is our own.
  2. The medications used to sedate and then anaesthetise your pet are the safest and most modern available.
  3. Safety under anaesthesia and during surgery is incredibly important to us. Your dog or cat will be monitored by an experienced surgical nurse with state of the art monitoring equipment.
  4. All of our vets are experienced and regularly undergo continuing education to learn the best anaesthetic and surgical techniques. Our vets and nurses work as a team making sure your pet is in safe hands. 
  5. Once the operation is over your pet wakes up on a heated fleece lined cage in full view of the surgical team to ensure a safe recovery.
  6. Once awake from the anaesthetic a second pain killing injection is given which will last for another 24 hours. Reducing pain as much as we can is one of our top priorities.  All animals will go home with ongoing pain relief medication to make them as comfortable as possible.
  7. Veterinary advice is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you have any concerns after surgery, either directly from our team, or from our friends at Launceston Veterinary Clinic or Launeston Animal Emergency Hospital.