By the time dogs and cats reach 5 years of age a very high proportion of them have dental disease.

Even dental disease in its mildest form can cause gingivitis and mouth pain.  You wouldn't put up with it so why should your pet?

If your pet is diagnosed with dental disease our vets will discuss with you what needs to be done.

Often this will require a general anaesthetic and cleaning of the teeth to remove plaque and tartar.

We have a dental x-ray machine just like your dentist.  This allows us to take x-rays of your pet’s roots to identify tooth disease which is not obvious above the gum line.  We have found this special piece of equipment invaluable in helping pets have better mouths.

Those teeth that are too badly diseased are removed.

We use specialised dental equipment to make the procedure as safe and smooth.

As is standard with our anaesthetics, safety is paramount.  Click here to see why you can be confident your have chosen the best place for your pet.