Cat Clinic

By being one of only a few veterinary clinics in Australia with a “cat only” building we have found that our visiting cats and their owners are much more relaxed. 

It is well known that the sight, sounds and smells of dogs upset cats which can make taking your cat to the vet a stressful experience. Unfortunately it is all too common in a typical veterinary waiting room to see a petrified cat in its cage, stressed as dogs walk past their cage, sniff and bark. That won’t happen in our cat clinic!  

The entire building has been designed around cats.  From the design of the waiting room, to the spacious hospital cages and the anaesthetic machines which are made for cat use only, our vet clinic has been made specifically for cats and pocket pets.  All throughout our cat clinic building we have plug in diffusers which release a synthetic pheromone.  This scent when smelt by cats has been shown to comfort and reassure them.

If your cat is unwell, our cat hospital has everything we need to make your pet get better.  Blood testing machines, radiography, dental radiography, ultrasound, video endoscopy and automated intravenous fluid drip machines are used for our sick patients.  We are even able to access MRI and CT imaging to help arrive at a diagnosis for some of the  more difficult cases.

All our vets, nurses and receptionists who work at the cat clinic love cats.  They have a passion for helping cats whether that is caring for sick cats in hospital or managing our outpatients who have long term diseases.  Indeed some of our vets and nurses have actually moved to Launceston in order to work at our cat clinic!