Kathryn H

Kathryn (or Kat as we know her) has been with us since August 2019. After an academic career in animal behaviour research, Kathryn wanted to move into something more hands on where she could directly help and form relationships with individual animals, therefore began her career in veterinary nursing. Kathryn came to us from South Australia soon after we opened our cat clinic. In fact her draw card was because we opened our cat clinic. Kat love cats!

When not nursing (mainly our purring patients), Kathryn enjoys hiking, mountain bike riding, and exploring new places. She lives with her partner Luke and their ginger cat named Mango, who is often called upon to be a blood donor for our sick cat patients.

Kathryn is passionate about desexing, care of kittens, and responsible cat ownership, and used to manage a cat adoption program at her old clinic.