Dr Sue Porter

Dr Sue has had an exciting veterinary career beginning in the United States where she graduated and worked in various emergency clinics before teaching veterinary medicine in the Caribbean. During this time, she also became board certified in the US. Sue and her children moved to Australia in 2016 to work in Queensland at the JCU Veterinary Teaching Hospital as a medicine clinician and team leader of the referral practice, then onto North Coast Veterinary Specialists as a referral clinician, and finally down to Tasmania to now work with us as of March 2023.

Sue’s passions lie in infectious diseases, critical care cases, and medicine cases, including oncology and cardiology, liver and kidney disease, haematology, and everything in between. Sue is especially proficient in advanced ultrasound imaging and endoscopy and enjoys being able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together in those tricky medical cases. Sue also still enjoys teaching and our AMC vets and nurses have already found her depth of knowledge of veterinary medicine and willingness to share it to be an asset beyond measure.

Sue is greeted home each day by her 3 children and their lovely black labrador "Tiny." Together they enjoy adventuring and exploring the wilderness around them.