Bec Stokes

Bec has worked with us since November 2020, starting as Assistant Practice Manager and recently taking on the role of Human Resource Manager while she also completes her Diploma of Human Resource Management to continue to help manage a large, wonderful and diverse team such as that at Animal Medical Centre. A mum of 2, Bec lives in Launceston with her husband, 2 sons, 2 German shepherds (Lachie and Ruby), her fluffy grey cat (Freddie) and a quaker parrot (Minnie).

Having worked in medical administration, business accounts management, office management, general administration, and retail, it was a dream come true for Bec to be offered a position with us, especially as she is also a loyal client!

Although a lover of all animals, Bec has a keen interest in dogs, big ones in particular. Bec also competes in a variety of dog sports with her aforementioned German Shepherds.

Bec is a Hufflepuff through and through; loves to be creative through drawing, painting, sewing and photography; enjoys getting out into nature with family and friends; and strives to be helpful and friendly in all aspects of her life.