Puppy Pre School

Why socialise my puppy?

  • To provide your puppy with the best start in life it is important to socialise your puppy with other pups of the same age
  • Socialisation classes are designed for pups from 8-16 weeks old, which is their peak socialisation and learning period
  • Socialisation is done in controlled groups of 6-10 puppies and it prepares them for a safe and happy future in their new home
  • The course runs for 4 weeks and covers topics such as house training, play biting, obedience, grooming, what to do in emergencies and general health care
  • Classes are held on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7.30pm- 8.30pm and cost $90, payable at the first class
  • Bookings are essential, pups must come with a collar or harness and a lead

Don't worry- no puppy has failed to graduate from our classes!